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NilearOS is an all-inclusive Operations Suite that provides Automation, Performance Metrics and Document Management for ConnectWise. The product suite includes ConnectActive, ClientMapper as well as Score My Team, My Tickets Mobile, Schedule Sync, Configuration Station and Nilear Live. Plans start as low as $149 a month. Eliminate unnecessary operational overhead and begin maximizing your investment and increasing efficiency with NilearOS.

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About Nilear

Nilear, LLC is a division of Christo Consulting, an MSP based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Chris Schalleur founded Christo Consulting in 1999 with the goal of providing the type of professional IT support larger companies enjoy to small businesses in the Philadelphia region. Chris Connolly joined Christo Consulting in 2000 and became a partner in 2006.

In 2009, Christo Consulting went through two acquisitions which doubled both the number of clients and employees, as well as resulted in the visibility of the lack of work flow procedures in place. After a review of the problems that were occurring with tickets and invoicing, Chris and Chris mapped out what changes needed to be made and what the Christo Engineers needed to do. The solution was what would evolve into NilearOS, an all-inclusive Operations Suite that provides Automation, Performance Metrics and Document Management for ConnectWise and Autotask.

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Within the MSP (Managed Service Provider) marketplace, technicians must maintain close contact with their scheduling teams to ensure they are each on the same wavelength when responding to client needs. Technicians working on the road can often find themselves with limited time to travel to the client’s office to resolve their latest ticket. With the ScheduleSync product available through Nilear, LLC’s NilearOS tool suite, scheduling staff can respond quickly and effectively to ensure tickets are resolved by the closest available technician.

Nilear, LLC has become one of the leading providers within the MSP marketplace in recent years by continuously resolving the core challenges facing industry organizations. With an extensive background in the MSP industry, the team at Nilear, LLC recognizes the issues facing most industry companies. They know, for example, that most MSP companies have trouble maintaining consistent communication between scheduling staff and mobile technicians. The staff at Nilear also understands that such communication issues can cause delays in service for clients, reducing the level of satisfaction with the company’s service. To help mitigate these communication issues, Nilear has developed the ScheduleSync product.

ScheduleSync has been designed to synchronize a company’s dispatch portalwithin their autotask dispatch calendar, ensuring that all team members have access to the latest scheduling data. This means that when a technician is working on a ticket under the day’s schedule, all members of the team will know that technician is unavailable to take assignments. Another technician can then be assigned to the client’s office based on their proximity to the location. One advantage of the product is that it can calculate the distance between the technician’s vehicle and the client’s office, giving the scheduling team accurate traveling times that can add significant efficiency within the scheduling system and ensure the client is informed of any potential delays.

Nilear, LLC provides a suite of tools that offers numerous market-leading solutions for today’s growing MSP organizations. Another leading example of the company’s commitment to automation innovation is their ConnectActive product, which has been designed to populate an MSP company’s ConnectWise contacts by integrating each client company’s Active Directory. As part of the update process, all titles, emails and telephone numbers will be updated to ensure that client data is completely relevant and up to date. Users can restrict synchronizations to specific organizational units, providing a level of precision that helps guide the update process and ensures only the most pertinent information is placed within the MSP company’s system.

Nilear, LLC is now the market leader for transformative automation solutions within the MSP field. To learn more on the company and their services, contact their office team at 1-888-932-2676 or visit their business website at

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Plans as low as $149 a month


Eliminate unnecessary operational overhead and begin maximizing your investment and increasing efficiency with NilearOS!

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